Jaringan utama koin SYW telah diluncurkan dan merealisasikan sirkulasi global

05-26 Defi speaker

Recently, something great happened within blockchain network. SYW coin completed the deployment on the ETH public chain and successfully launched the mainnet. This means that SYW has successfully realized global circulation and can be transferred in any blockchain networks. From now on, global investors can freely purchase or sell SYW coins.

As a blockchain 2.0 application network, ETH's related ecology has attracted the attention of many blockchain users and cryptocurrency owners. Ethereum holds the vast majority ofr DeFi protocols and stable coins. Due to its characteristics of having stable network and smart contract, ETH has risen up to 20 times of what it was in the past year. SYW coin is deployed in Ethereum and will be able to connect with the Ethereum financial ecological network to manage seamless docking with other cryptocurrencies. After the deployment is completed, global investors can exchange SYW through the Ethereum and transfer it to any cryptocurrency electronic wallet.

The completion of this initiative represents that SYW now officially enters the world, and becomes a cryptocurrency which belongs to global investors. At the same time, with the upcoming launch of the global multilingual version of SYW App, the globalization process of SYW coin will be greatly accelerated. According to analysis by industry insiders, benefiting from these good news, the price of SYW coin is about to usher in a new round of rise.



SYW contract address:https://cn.etherscan.com/address/0x53f3cb58c45ff3966a14986806f46d8605e3961a)


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